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Est. 2012

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How we work - a breif synopsis

We are a not-for-profit organisation who grew from an innovative media arts outreach programme promoted by Frome Community College during its Media Arts Specialism (2002-12) under the directorship of Mike Walker.


Since 2002 we have devised and delivered hundreds of digital arts education projects and produced numerous learning resources in collaboration with schools, uni-versities, healthcare institutions, businesses, educational publishers, community groups and learners of all ages and abilities.


We are fortunate to have developed a network of technicians, admin-istrators and consultants who relish their work and the creative challenges it brings. All staff have current DBS clearance where appropriate and Public Liability cover. Howard and Val [below] are key figures in our organisation.

A combination of experience, interpersonal and communication skills, technical expertise and a solid pedagogical foundation enable us to provide effective, versatile and enjoyable learning experiences to schools, community groups and other learning providers. Our primary focus is UK National Curriculum, EY and KS1–4.


We listen carefully to the teachers and supervisors we work with. In this way we can devise and deliver a unique and memorable learning experience, custom-made to the specific needs of project participants. We provide all necessary technical equipment and expertise. We use video, animation, puppetry, music, audio, performance and other simple multimedia technologies to enable participants to tell their stories and create their own learning resources. Often superb short films emerge from our projects that become useful learning resources year-on-year.


Projects vary greatly in content but our usual procedure is as follows:

  • An initial meeting identifies your learning/teaching needs. We explore budget, funding possibilities and timescale. We discuss ideas for the form that the project/workshop may take.

  • FMAcic confirm a detailed design for a media arts project tailor-made to fulfil those requirements. Feedback and fine-tuning are welcomed. Dates are agreed.

  • The project is delivered and completed films are edited (where relevant) and made available for secure (password protected) download.

About our company

Howard Vause - Director

17 years exp. devising / delivering media arts materials & projects. Workshop leader & practitioner.


• film • animation • multimedia • audio  per performance

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Val Fox - Director (retired)

Project manager & administrator.

• funding & finance;

• graphic design

Frome Media Arts is a project by Howard Vause Media Artist